Where are your products made?

With the exception of our accessories, all of our brands are manufactured in Australia. Our head office is located in Lilydale, outer eastern Melbourne.
Buckley & Phillips is also 100% Australian owned.

When did Buckley & Phillips begin?

We began operating in 1972 - please see our ABOUT US page.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we ship to over 60 countries around the world.

How much will my shipping cost?

Please see our shipping information page HERE.

Australian retail orders have a flat-rate of $8.95 for standard shipping.

Australian retail orders over $99 have the option of free standard shipping.

Australian wholesale orders have flat-rate shipping by state.

International orders are automatically calculated based on the weight and destination.

When will my order arrive?

Please see our shipping information page HERE.

Orders are processed from our Melbourne head office usually within 1 - 2 business days. Delivery is generally within 1-5 business days for Australian orders (except Western Australia and some regional areas which can take up to 7 days).
International deliveries are generally made within 5-10 working days.
Express Post provides next business day deliveries to most Australian addresses. To check if your delivery area is within Australia Post's next day delivery network, please click here - Australia Post Express Network

If you haven't received your order within the expected time-frame, please contact us at admin@buckleyandphillips.com or call +61 3 9735 3755 and we will perform a track & trace.

Do you accept returns?

If an item is faulty, or has been damaged in shipping please contact us immediately so we can resolve the issue. Claims for faulty or damaged goods must be made with 7 days of receipt. We do not accept returns or offer refunds for a change of mind.

Can I order over the phone?

Our preferred method of ordering is via our website. If you are unable to order online please give us a call on +61 3 9735 3755 and one of our friendly staff will assist with your order.

Can I order wholesale?

Yes, we wholesale our products worldwide.

If you have an ABN and would like to become a reseller, please feel free to REGISTER HERE. Please note acceptance is not immediate and may be dependent on other stockists in your area.

If you are an existing wholesale customer and require your online login details email us at sales@buckleyandphillips.com

If you are an existing stockist and would like to apply for a 30-day account, please download our credit application HERE.

Can you manufacture private-label products?

Yes we do manufacture private-label products for other businesses. Please download our contract manufacture booklet HERE.

What is the difference between Fragrance & Essential Oils?

True essential oils are completely botanically derived, meaning the oil is extracted from plant matter using methods such as cold press or steam distillation. Essential oils are traditionally used for their benefits & scent. Essential oils are most commonly used in aromatherapy, oil burners, bath, massage and body care.

Fragrances are synthetically made using a combination of synthetic and natural components. This allows for the creation of far more complex and stable scents. Fragrance oils can be formulated to create scents that cannot be derived naturally, such as 'Seabreeze', 'Pear' and complex perfumes. Fragrance oils are more commonly used in candles, reed diffusers, incense and perfumes.

What extraction methods are used for your essential oils?

The majority of our essential oils are extracted via steam distillation. Citrus oils such as Lemon, Lime and Orange are extracted using a cold press of the peel. Each one of our essential oils has its own extraction method listed in its product description.

What quality are your essential oils?

All of Buckley & Phillips essential oils are of the highest quality available and have been stringently tested and certified as 100% pure, natural and true to botanical. Each essential oil is tested via gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity, colour & odour profile. This ensures that each oil is pure and free from adulteration.
Buckley & Phillips also offer a range of Certified Organic essential oils. These essential oils are grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

Are your essential oils therapeutic-grade?

The term 'Therapeutic-Grade' is somewhat misleading as there is currently no government agency or independent organisation that provides a standardized grading system for essential oils. While there are some other essential oil companies that use the term 'Therapeutic-Grade', this is nothing more than a registered marketing phrase.

Can your essential oils be taken internally?

While all of our essential oils are 100% pure and many of our oils do meet food grade standards, we are unable to advise essential oils to be taken internally unless under the consultation of a health professional or aromatherapist. In Australia, you would need to have an Advanced Diploma in Aromatic Medicine to prescribe ingestion of essential oils. To not hold such a qualification, and to still advise on ingestion of essential oils, can put you at risk of litigation.

Most qualified aromatherapists will advise against internal use because of the risk of poisoning and irritation to the GI tract when there are much safer methods of use that provide the positive benefits of essential oils.

Do essential oils expire?

All of our essential oils are printed with an expiry date. While essential oils don’t technically go rancid, they can oxidize and deteriorate over time. To prolong the life of your essential oils we recommend storing at room temperature, away from sunlight and with the lid securely tightened.

Do your fragrances contain phthalates?

No, our fragrant product ranges use only phthalate-free, cosmetic-grade oils.

What are your jar candles made from?

All Buckley & Phillips jar candles are made using soy wax combined with natural coconut wax to improve the overall performance of the candle.

What are your pillar candles made from?

All Buckley & Phillips pillar candles are made from fully-refined paraffin wax. Due to the low melting-point of pure soy wax it is unable to be used for manufacturing pillar candles.

Are your products vegan?

All of Buckley & Phillips' product ranges are now vegan.

Do you test on animals?

None of Buckley & Phillips products are tested on animals. We are accredited by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and CCF (Choose Cruelty Free). This certification also ensures that Buckley & Phillips' suppliers of raw material do not test on animals. Please see our accreditation details HERE.

Do you use polystyrene when packing orders?

No, our company only uses ‘Bio-Fill’ void. This polystyrene alternative is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is made from corn starch and breaks down in water. Online orders are also packed using compostable mailer bags, recycled & recyclable bubble wrap.