Tealight Candles (6-pack)



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6-pack of Australian made unscented tealight candles.

Made from pure cotton wicks and quality waxes these tealights are suitable for all types of tealight holders and oil burners. With a 9 hour burn time per candle.
Size/Duration: 6 candles / 9 hour burn time each

Before Lighting:
  • Remove candle from metal cup, pour 1 teaspoon of water into cup, replace candle and light.
  • Never leave burning candle unattended.
  • Do not pickup or move candle when lit.
  • Place on a heatproof surface away from flammable materials, children, pets and drafts.
  • Candle must burn for one house before extinguishing for later lighting.
  • Do not extinguish with water.